Shantung Silk

Shantung Silk White napkins

& tablecloth

Champagne Shantung Silk napkins

& tablecloth

Shantung Silk Ivory napkins

& tablecloth

Shantung Silk Charcoal napkins

& tablecloth

Shantung Silk Gold napkins

& tablecloth

Shantung Silk Black napkins

& tablecloth

Velveteen Collection

Velveteen Charcoal Napkin

& tablecloth 

Burgundy Velveteen napkins & tablecloth

Black Velveteen napkins and tablecloth

Eggplant Velveteen napkins and tablecloth

Champagne Velveteen napkins

& tablecloth

Navy Velveteen napkins and tablecloth

Deep Teal Velveteen napkins

& tablecloth

Velveteen Lavender Napkins

& tablecloth

Charmeuse Satin

Charmeuse Satin Navy Blue Tablecloth

Charmeuse Satin Turquoise Napkins

Charmeuse Satin Blush Napkins & tablecloth

Charmeuse Satin Eggplant round table Linen

Lamour Satin

Lamour Satin Ivory Round Tablecloth

Lamour Satin White Round Tablecloth

Lamour Satin Blush Rose Gold Tablecloth

Lamour Satin Champagne Round Tablecloth

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